Software Customization

Beyond providing CRM solution and implementation, Acsolv Consult also provide customized solution to help companies improve their business processes or operations.

As part of this effort, the Project Manager takes charge of listening and understanding client’s requirement, gathering detailed requirement specifications from the users and stakeholders, and comes up with a realistic feasibility study and sensible implementation plan with milestones and key deliverables charted at various stages.

After an initial feasibility study, the system design, user interface and functional specification of the proposed solution will be also presented and explained to the client for approval.

Our typical projects include:

  • Customizing the ERP program to meet your business needs. One-size-fits all is not conceivable in business. And even though Sage 300 ERP provides powerful integration, it may need modifications to meet your business needs. Acsolv Consult created custom technology solutions that solve bottlenecks and automate your accounting processes. Additionally, Sage 300 ERP provides solutions to common issues our clients have faced and are available for purchase by module.
  • Integrating Sage 300 ERP with essential business software applications. Our project history for integrating a variety of software has increased profitability and streamlined business processes for many clients. Our integration projects include manufacturing, warehouse management, CRM, e-commerce, barcodes and scanning, and web-based systems.

The results: increased efficiencies, streamlined processes, reduced cost, and improved employee morale, higher profitability.